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Details zur Kundenmeinung

Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox

Kundenmeinung (erstellt am 14. Oktober 2018):
I honestly bought this stove out of curiosity as opposed to functionality and have been quite surprised by how much I use it.

Although I don’t think burning wood in this little stove is practical, I have found that using two esbit/ hexamine fuel tabs is enough to heat my Snow Peak mug enough to have a hot drink on the trail.

The other day I was on a hike with my Stanley thermos and was annoyed by how heavy my pack was. So the next day I substituted the thermos for this little stove and my titanium mug. Best idea ever! Not only did this save a tremendous amount of weight, but it also saved a ton of space!

I keep finding funny uses for this tiny stove and would definitely recommend it to someone who wants a hot drink on the trail.

*side note: I can store four fuel tabs in a pill bottle and stow the stove and a lighter with the bottle along with a couple packets of hot cocoa in my mug.