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Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox

Kundenmeinung (erstellt am 8. April 2015):
Is this just a gimmicky toy? Certainly not. Although it's small it's still a fully functioning stove. What you get is a well thought out small stove that can live in your wallet or pocket or can be clipped to your pack or belt. I tried mine out with a 14g Esbit tablet and then some dead wood from my back garden, The Esbit heated 8floz (about 230ml) 0f room temperature water in an old tin cup (no lid) to a boil in just under 7 minutes. The design of the stove allows ample airflow while providing some shielding against the wind which was out of the SW at about 5-7mph the temp was around 45-48f. The stove sat on my patio table open to the breeze and it still performed admirably.

After letting the stove cool down I repeated the test using natural fuels chopped up into small twigs to fit the stove. A PJ cotton ball was my tinder and striking a ferro rod into the stove wasn't the easiest thing but it can be done. Giving the small size of the firebox it will need constant attention, but for the size of the stove it's no big deal. My second water test took longer, about 10-12 minutes only because of the fuel source and the need to keep it stocked up.

This tiny little stove is a real winner keep one in your pack or use the carabiner hole in each part and clip it to your pack. Mine is going in my car emergency kit as living out in the country during winter it is a good idea to have a way to heat water for a hot meal and drink should you get stuck away from home.

P.S. When using natural fuels you might want to use the pliers on your MT to feed wood into the stove. It's better than singed fingers....ouch!