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We want to say thank you!

On our website we use photos from our social media communities on Instagram and Facebook. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following photographers for making their images available for use:

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Header: (1) + (2) liam.kepinski, (3) brais.palmas
Bushbox group shot: calthomsonfilm
Drone shot: Julian Zimmermann
Slider image BE! original: liam.kepinski, BE! active: Mitya Er

Social Media collage (from top left to bottom right): (1) brais.palmas, (2) 5000dennis_nature, (4) bushprepper, (5) albertsans, (6) solitary_man, (7) winther_outdoors, (8) nomadstrails

BE! original page

Pics & videos: Julian Zimmermann
Mountain panorama: ChiemSeherin

BE! active page

Video: calthomsonfilm

Pics (from top left to bottom right): (2) thegeneralprepper, (3)+(6) brais.palmas, (4) winther_outdoors, (5) detfria, (7) bushcraft_alli, (8) out_of_the_comfortzone_

BE! clever page

Bushi videos: Manuel & Marion Werkstetter


"There are many good reasons..." liam.kepinski
"Adventure is..." Jackman Chiu



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