Due to the effects of the corona pandemic, orders with shipping addresses in the USA AND MANY OTHER COUNTRIES cannot be shipped until further notice AND WILL BE CANCELLED.
Please check https://www.deutschepost.de/en/c/coronavirus.html#international before you order to see if your country is on the list of countries we cannot ship to (all countries marked red or yellow).

In addition, there are currently massive delays in mailings. Individual dispatch centres are overloaded, as this year more orders are being placed via the Internet because of Corona. Therefore, the already long delivery times due to Corona are now even longer. Please refrain from asking us about the whereabouts of your shipment - we have no further information beyond the tracking information.
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JV Survival Card
JV Survival Card
Use only in emergencies or with license! The well-known Survival expert Joe Vogel designed this card exclusively for Bushcraft Essentials. The card is ideally suited to hunt amphibians, fish, molluscs, crabs, birds, snakes and small...
€19.90 *
BE Survival Card
BE Survival Card
We manufacture this special survival card with arrows, saw and blade from stainless steel by agreement with Phil Bellefeuille, owner of the US Patent 8162784 . The individual arrows can be broken out and used in an emergency. The card...
€18.40 *
BE Survival-Dog Tag
BE Survival-Dog Tag
Stainless steel Dog Tag with arrow and saw - an exclusive gift! The arrow can be broken out and used in an emergency for fishing or hunting. Also equipped with a saw and a prepared area for a blade (the blade has not be ground in for...
€14.90 *