Char Cord

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  • BCE-007

Product overview

  • Light a fire the easy way
  • Perfect for your EDC
  • Weight: 1 g
  • Length: approx. 50 cm
  • Material: Cotton
  • Made in Germany
Starting a fire will be easy with our Char Cord, which is an excellent fire starter and thus... more
Product information "Char Cord"

Starting a fire will be easy with our Char Cord, which is an excellent fire starter and thus perfect for your EDC kit.

The “Char Cord” in detail

  • Char Cord is – like the very similar char cloth – a very good fire starting material. Compared to char cloth it has the advantage to smolder much slower and more efficient and is therefore better suited to start a fire.
  • Simply light it with a fire striker – it catches the smallest spark.
  • The Char Cord keeps the ember very long, burns very hot and is very long lasting.
  • Entirely made in Germany (even the rope has been manufactured in a German ropery).
  • Perfect for your EDC kit.
  • Note: In rare cases, a small part of the rope may not be properly pyrolysed. In this case, we add an additional piece of Char Cord during final inspection.

Technical data

  • Weight: 1 g
  • Length: approx. 50 cm
  • Material: Cotton
  • Made in Germany


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Customer review for "Char Cord"
19 Mar 2018

Get some spare you won't regret it!

It was nice to have spare char-cord as the piston only needs a tiny bit but it can store around 25cm in the specific end. Carefully wrapped in the cap end then screwed down. The piston comes apart revealing a stowed ferro-rod which again I placed some char-cord above & below to stop it rattling.

Now however I am upping my game & planning on making char-cloth & char-cord of my own. Many thanks BE!!

9 Mar 2017

Does it every time!

Char cord or cloth is more than just a black fiber you carry with you, it has literally saved the lives of men and women for thousands of years. What makes a good char material? It works! This char cord from Bushcraft essentials took a spark FIRST TIME, EVERYTIME. No delays and it burns slowly. Used it in the fire piston and got flame. Used it with flint and steel and got flame. Used with a ferro rod and you guessed it, got flame!

There aren't a lot of companies today that really invest everything into their products and their customers, but Bushcraft Essentials is one of the ones that does. I couldn't be happier with a product that very well may save a life. Don't hesitate on this product you won't be disappointed...

25 Feb 2016

very good, dependable

Really like the cord. It doesn't come apart and is easy to handle.

9 Nov 2015

Char Cord

Great product!! Makes use of the fire piston easy for anybody. Super fast shipping to the USA.

4 Nov 2015


4 Jun 2015

Catches every time.

I tried some char cloth in my BE fire piston and couldn't get it to work. This Char rope catches every time.

30 Jan 2015

BE's Char Cord works great!

BE's Char Cord is a superior product. Whether using it in a Fire Piston or with a flint, it readily accepts even the smallest spark and smolders easily at a moderate rate, giving the user time to use it. When I tried a piece with a flint, I intentionally tried to "slip-by" the cord so the full spark wouldn't hit it. Only a tiny stray spark was all that was needed to get the desired results.

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