Multifunctional Case Bushbox LF (Titanium)

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  • BCE-050
The ultralight Multifunctional Case is a sophisticated accessory for all outdoor fans. It stows... more
Product information "Multifunctional Case Bushbox LF (Titanium)"

The ultralight Multifunctional Case is a sophisticated accessory for all outdoor fans. It stows your Bushbox LF Titanium safely, cleanly and space-saving in your backpack. But the slide-in module also offers a wide range of other possible uses:

• Use as a fireproof, dry surface to make feather sticks or scrape bark to start a fire. The ignited material can be slid directly from the case into your Bushbox.

• Snap your Bushbox LF Titanium into the matching recesses to use the Multifunctional Case as stable support. Practical also on uneven terrain such as sand or snow. At the same time, the case protects the ground from hot embers and possible fire residues.

• In your outdoor kitchen, the Multifunctional Case serves as a base for preparing meals or as a lid for your cookware.

Dimensions approx. 14 x 10.5 x 1.5 cm / weight approx. 90g

Made from titanium. The Multifunctional Case Bushbox LF (Titanium) with inserted Bushbox LF Titanium also fits in the Leather Pouch Bushbox LF as well as in the Heavy Duty Outdoor Bag Bushbox LF.


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Customer review for "Multifunctional Case Bushbox LF (Titanium)"
11 May 2020


I have not used yet (because I just recently received it, and I am waiting for the Corona restrictions to be over). The case looks very solid, and helps keeping the pieces together nicely.

30 Mar 2020


Mit dem case als unterlage steht die bushbox noch stabiler. Das packvolumen wird kaum grösser. Einfach genial!

24 Mar 2020

All over negative customer experience

The product seems like a unfinished product like the Bush box LF... There are alot of grades from the cutting of titanium wich are not polished away. Alot of sharp edges wich makes nasty marks on the outside of the bushbox. It seems like a total difference in product quality between the titanium versions of the LF products and the XL products. Unfinished product to a stiff price!

[Comment by Bushcraft Essentials: As we point out in our manuals, we intentionally do not polish our products, primarily for environmental reasons (and also because they are outdoor products). Sharp edges are removed by a deburring process. It is however hard to understand why your dissatisfaction with the lack of polishing should affect shipping and use.]

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