Bushbox Titanium

Bushbox Titanium
Bushbox Titanium
Bushbox Titanium
Bushbox Titanium
Bushbox Titanium
Bushbox Titanium
Bushbox Titanium
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  • BCE-022

Product overview

  • Efficient hobo stove with interlocking parts made of extra-light titanium
  • Small, handy, affordable
  • The set includes: Bushbox Titanium, Trivets (Set)
  • approx. 155 g | 11.5 x 9 x 1 cm (disassembled), 11.5 x 9 x 9 cm (assembled)
  • Material: Pure titanium
  • Made in Germany
It all started with this stove in 2012: our original Bushbox, the "original hobo". Many great... more
Product information "Bushbox Titanium"

It all started with this stove in 2012: our original Bushbox, the "original hobo". Many great customer suggestions have led to the Bushbox entering its fourth generation. The individual parts are assembled in a few simple steps, and our unique locking mechanism ensures that the hobo is locked together securely. This is the ideal stove for those looking for a reliable, high-quality brand stove that's affordable and also ultra-light.

The „Bushbox Titanium“ in detail

Bushbox Titanium

  • The Bushbox Titanium is a compact hobo stove with interlocking parts and is primarily aimed at those who are mainly travelling alone and planning day trips. The Bushbox is also well suited as an emergency stove, as it even fits in your trouser pocket thanks to its small pack size.
  • Only little fuel is needed to boil water for a hot coffee or tea or to prepare a small meal on the Bushbox.
  • The Bushbox Titanium is versatile and easy to use and is suitable for natural solid fuels, such as twigs or branches, as well as for spirit burners (e.g. Trangia), gel fuel, Esbit tablets, or as a windshield for other burners.
  • Click here to find out what else makes our original Bushbox so special.
  • To use as little plastic as possible, your Bushbox Titanium comes in a lightweight cotton bag that only serves as outer packaging. For regular use, we recommend our Outdoor Bag.
  • Important note on disassembly: The Bushbox Titanium is equipped with a sophisticated locking mechanism that guarantees the stability of the hobo. To open the locking "lugs", you must pull the short side parts on the top slightly outwards when disassembling the Bushbox (allow the parts to cool down beforehand!) - then they can be easily released.
  • Do you already know our Bushbox Coupling Module? With this accessory, you can connect your Bushbox to a second Bushbox to create an even larger stove. 
  • With the optionally available Grill Plate, you can turn your Bushbox Titanium into a mini grill.

Technical data

  • Weight: 155 g
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 9 x 1 cm (disassembled), 11.5 x 9 x 9 cm (assembled)
  • Material: Pure titanium (0.8 mm)
  • Made in Germany

How our stoves work:

All our Bushboxes follow the stack effect (or chimney principle): The air flows into the stove from below, causes even damp material to burn and produces strong heat which – thanks to the clever design of the stove - is directed straight upwards and hardly radiates to the sides. Compared to a campfire, the Bushbox allows for a clean, compact and safe way of cooking, fully in line with the "Leave no Trace" principle.

Trivets (Set) Bushbox

  • On top of the Bushbox the included titanium Trivets ensure safe standing for all sizes of cups and ensure sufficient air supply between flame and cookware.
  • If you insert the Trivets the other way round so that they are flush with the top edge of the Bushbox, you can also use your Bushbox as a mini grill.
  • Alternatively, the Trivets can be used to handle the hot Bushbox.

Technical data

  • Weight: 6 g (Set)
  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 1.7 cm
  • Material: Pure titanium
  • Made in Germany


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Bushbox Titanium Tips & Tricks:

Material: Titanium
Dimensions stove assembled: 11,5 x 9 x 9 cm
Total Weight: 155 g
Incl. Trivets:
Incl. Universal Grate (Stainless steel):
Incl. Universal Grate (Titanium):
Incl. Grill Plate:
Incl. Outdoor Bag:
Incl. Leather Pouch:
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Customer review for "Bushbox Titanium"
5 May 2020

Nice little stove

It does take a few uses before assembly/disassembly is smooth.
Perfect with Esbits.
With wooden twigs, maybe a taller trivet would help manage the flames licking up the side of the pot.

11 Jun 2018

I can only recommend it.

the quality of this product is Great.

20 Nov 2017

Great Stove

This is a fabulous product. It arrived in the UK in under a week. It burns really well and is a well made robust stove. The only slight downside is disassembly which takes a bit of getting used to.

6 Nov 2017

Looking forward to trying it out.

I have not had a chance to use the stove yet but first impressions are good. It appears to be precisely made but is still a little tight to assemble. I think it will loosen up with use. The weight is good but I feel it would have been better to gain a few grams and have slightly thicker metal as some parts, particularly the trivets, are a little too bendy.

24 Apr 2017

Very good first impression!

Tried this outdoors for the first time yesterday. Struggled a bit getting the fire started.
I was amazed to see how quickly I could boil half a liter of water and how little fire wood it required.
I guess the starting challenges will disappear with more training.
But why is the bag foor storing a stove white?

[Comment by Bushcraft Essentials: The white bag is not meant for transport the stove, it is just a protection for your box in case you do not owe the heavy duty bag (black colour) that we recommend for transport.]

23 Feb 2017

Great wood stove!

Dear Bushcraft-essentials! Thanks for great product, quality and fast shipping. Pleasure to work with such company.
Stove are great. Lightweight (titanium rulzzz), compact and easy to use.
Will looking more for some great peace of stuff from you.

Thanks from Latvia

6 Feb 2017

A Great Tool!

I really enjoyed using this product on the "feild". Nothing really suprised me with the assembling or the actual deployment of the actual unit. In my case its a Bushbox Ti and I am super-pleased with everything about it. One thing that really superised though, was the actual heat force that the Bushbox generated when it had optimal amount of fuel (twigs, sticks and some smaller longburners). It was pure energy pushed through a small chimney.
Takes a couple of tries to get the actual assembling of its piece`s together in a reasonable timeframe. Once you have figured out have everything is put together, then you will put the unit together in under 1 minute.
If you want to be a bit ballsy on your next trektrip, then just bring your Bushbox Ti and leave your gas fueled stove or your spirit burner at home next time. Just bring your bushbox and some kettles and you will have to create a fire every night! Which is awesome anyway.

16 Jan 2017

Great !


4 Dec 2016

Good stove but some problems

Hi, I do like the stove, however the small holes in the grate need to be larger for more air flow. This would help keep the the fire alight as it can suffer air restriction because of this. If it was only 11cm square instead it would run hotter for longer with not much extra weight. Just a thought
[Comment by Bushcraft Essentials: This is a hobo stove, so the underlying principle is air flow from the bottom to the top, the so-called chimney-effect. The smaller other holes in the side are, the better the air flow. Making the feeding hole bigger makes the stove less efficient. On the other hand it is essentials to keep the bottom grate free so that the stove can "breathe" (see user manual).]

31 Aug 2016

A great product!

I got it just as advertised, and love it. I have yet to do major testing with it, but good so far!!

24 Feb 2016

Great little stove to always keep in your bag.

Product quality is great. Solid construction and easy enough to put together and take apart once you get the knack for it. Very small too. The reason I bought it was because I wanted something small and lightweight to carry when hiking. I was still surprised at just how small it actually is when made up and was worried it might actually be too small for me. However having used it twice now the size only presents a problem when you go to put too long sticks in it. This means you constantly need to feed it if you want the fire to keep going as you can only use a small amount of fuel at a time. Not a huge concern though, however anyone hoping to use it as a small campfire (as I partly did) in areas where fires are not allowed would do better to go for the XL version. If they made a size that was halfway between this and the XL size then I would go for that. Fuel burns down to nothing so clean up is very easy. Only downside is the cotton bag that it comes in is too tight, so it's a fiddle to get it in and out, and it's already starting to pull the threads where it keeps catching.

[Comment by Bushcraft Essentials: The cotton bag is not meant for permanent use - it is just that we do not use plastic for environmental reasons, so the cotton bag is just the wrapping. We recommend our Heavy Duty Outdoor Bag which is the perfect bag for permanent use.]

21 Jan 2016

Great stove!

Works great as expected, a bit tricky to disassemble after use, especially with winter gloves on.

10 Jan 2016

Stufa adatta a chi va in montagna

Desiderato da tempo, acquistato in base ad una promozione natalizia, il prodotto risponde perfettamente alla qualità annunciata

22 Dec 2015

good product ... bad shipping!

it's fine ... a little hard to put together/disassemble ... and had problems with shipping ... the first parcel get lost ... the second arrived ok ! i reccomend find another shipping company ... such as DHL !

[Comment from Bushcraft Essentials]:
We are very sorry your shipment got lost the first time. However, we only ship with DHL and Deutsche Post. DHL belongs to Deutsche Post and they share infrastructure. Packages sometimes get lost - with every shipping company.

9 Nov 2015

good product in the right circumstance

from a pure woodburning stove this is ok. in the winter with wood that is damper than summer it struggles to produce a cookable heat quickly and was slowed down when fuel was added. If you spent the time preparing the fuel then you would be better off preparing for a small fire or carrying a meths stove etc. Quality of the product was excellent and delivery timescale was good.

6 Nov 2015

Great stuff!!

After using a woodgas stove for a while, the volume and weight started to bother me. After looking for alternatives the bush box pocket stove was bought. I used it with esbit, trangia and wood. The first to worked as expected. On wood I found you should only use twigs not bigger than your pinky. Its amazing how little wood you need for a hot drink. It burns clean and mostly smokeless. The only negative thing could be the hassle to put it together. The standard stuff sack is useless.

27 Aug 2015

Great Product, Great Service!

Fast Shipping and the product is great!

7 Aug 2015

Very happy as the stove performs well and is a great bit of minimal simplicit.

After getting the xl, which works brilliantly but weighs a chunk for carrying any distance, the quality and simplicity drew my attention to a lighter version for bikepacking and other times when weight matters. Decided the versatility of the pocket stove would suit best and that the reduced weight of the titanium made sense for reasonable outlay. Brilliant how little fuel you can get away with. Charcoal lasting a good while despite the small size of the pocket unit. Warps slightly with the intense heat but that does not affect fantastic performance. Cotton bag is pretty useless as the stitching started failing straight away.
No intrusive noise for that early morning coffee on a campsite compared to a gas stove.

30 Jul 2015

Super product

Will use it very often...

7 Jul 2015

Very disappointed

I expect to receive my stove since nearly three weeks . Deutsche Post are on strike since a month and the seller didn't have the delicacy ( honesty) to wrote it on the website.
My stove is blocked with millions of other parcels and it's likely that I receive it in many weeks/months or may be never !
Lousy business practice to think only about sale and not care about customer. I am very disappointed.

[Comment from Bushcraft Essentials: We did have a notice on our web site as soon as we knew that international shipments were delayed too (Deutsche Post had told us before that international shipments are not affected by the strike), and we offered all customers who told us that their orders were delayed that we would either refund them in full or send out a replacement. Giving a product a bad rating anonymously because something which is outside our sphere of influence did not work is probably not the best way to communicate]

17 Apr 2015

Will recommend

Works exactly as designed

2 Dec 2014

Great product

Really great little stove, very lightweight and fits easily in my rucksack or pocket, takes only a couple of minutes to assemble and well worth it.

14 Jul 2014

Awesome lightweight pocket stove

This stove in it's bag fits perfectly inside the Evernew Solo pot set meaning I can have a whole cookset weighing around 300g! I've used this with fuel blocks, kindling and meths burning trangia stove using the adjustable plates. Great results and quite economic especially slow cooking a venison burger with pine cones. Best kit I've bought in years.

21 May 2014

Fire Ho Ho Ho

I wasn't expecting my Bushbox to arrive quite so quickly so when I got this small envelope type packet I wasn't sure what was inside.
Upon opening the packet i was very pleasantly surprised. The Bushobox is very well made, fits together very easily and packs away just as neatly, ready for the next time you use it.

I bought my Bushbox for a bike packing adventure on the Hebrides. I tok it around my friends garden for a practice lighting and mini test. We collected some small dry branches and rubbed some petroleum jelly into a cotton wool ball then proceeded to light the cotton. The stove did a great job of shielding the flame and in no time was well alight. It took around 15 minutes to boil a pan of water that made enough for 2 full cups of coffee. I think it would have heated even quicker, however we were a bit eager to try the Bushbox so didn't give the stove fire to get well away.

This is my first small stove and I bought it because I like the "greenness" of it, in that you can burn branches or twigs if you get stuck. The wood burned goes straight to fine ash, it gives off a good mount of heat and it is easy to use. You can also use the stove as a wind break for a small Meths stove if need be.

Sorry it's not a pro review, like I say I'm new to this

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