Bushbox Set

Bushbox Set
Bushbox Set
Bushbox Set
Bushbox Set
Bushbox Set
Bushbox Set
Bushbox Set
Bushbox Set
Bushbox Set
Bushbox Set
Bushbox Set
Bushbox Set
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The combination bought by most customers in a bundle for an attractive price: Our outdoor stove... more
Product information "Bushbox Set"

The combination bought by most customers in a bundle for an attractive price: Our outdoor stove Bushbox, a grill plate and our heavy duty outdoor bag!

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Customer review for "Bushbox Set"
19 May 2022

It works

It works. Didn't take long to arrive all the way to Canada either, maybe a little over a week.
I'd just say don't let the sticks stick out of your pocket stove, cause I made this mistake and the fire made the ears malleable, which caused one to bend when I was dissassembling it. Miraculously it still works, just has a cauliflower ear now.

Admin 20 Jun 2022

While I'm not sure what you mean by "ears", it's absolutely impossible for anything to become malleable from the fire in the box, unless you've managed to reach temperatures well over 1000°C, which would be nothing short of a miracle with that little box.

27 Aug 2018

Great Stove - Recommended

Great Wood Stove - Works really well, I'm very happy with it and the carrying bag - Recommended.

18 Feb 2018

Fun with the kids on a winter picnic in Ireland

I got to use it for the first time on a family winter picnic. It sizzled a few sausages perfectly. It does what it says it does and a little more. Both I and the kids had fun with it. Before the year is out I will get a larger folding stove kit. Nice!

3 Sep 2017

Saw it on YouTube. Had to have it.

Great stove. I'm glad I bought the kit with the nylon sheath and the extra grilling plate. The sheath is worth the up cost alone. The kit is light enough for backpacking. After a time or two, It assembles and disassembles quickly. Mine had no sharp edges. As with all stoves of this type, it will get sooty with use. You'll want something like a bandana or light gloves to use when breaking it down so you don't soot your hands (if you can't wash them). This size is probably best for one person or it could be pressed for two.

23 Mar 2017

Yes from me

A simple and effective unit that works well and enjoyable to use

3 Jan 2017

Just perfect!

A perfect little stove - top quality! In the future I will for sure purchase also the Bushbox XL.

Ein perfekter kleiner Ofen - Top-Qualität! In Zukunft werde ich sicher auch die Bushbox XL kaufen.

10 Sep 2016

Complicated and expensive

Too many parts to lose in deep snow or high weeds. Very hard to assemble when fingers are cold and when it is dark. Expensive for what it is. Should have been made as a folding piece with hinges and all parts pre-attached to each other and folds flat. Moving on to something easier and lower cost.

[Comment by Bushcraft Essentials: if llose parts are a problem, we offer a hinged stove as well. As for the price: Our stoves are manufactured under fair and environmentally friendly conditions in Germany. We do not pollute water, we do not curculate plastic and we provide lifelong support and guarantee. You can of course find much cheaper products from chinese manufacturers, made under very different conditions and probably without any support and guarantee.]

30 Aug 2016

very good product

This stove is so usefull for camping,outdoor,and many activities in the nature.

24 Jun 2016


A great stove,Very nice and compact design.

4 Apr 2016

Good portable stove

Stove is easier to assemble than to disassemble. Keep some newspaper to relight the flames and try to use low ash woods as the ventilation can quickly clog up.

[Comment by Bushcraft Essentials: The stove has a locking mechanism to avoid accidental disassembly, the manual explains how to unlock that. If you follow the manual, disassembly should be very easy and straightforward. The same applies to the chimney effect/ventilation - please follow the instructions in the manual and you will enjoy your stove without having problems]

21 Mar 2016

Great product. I highly recopmmend it to anyone looking for light weight, compact wood stove.

This is my second Bushcraft-Essentials stove. The first one is Bushbox XL. I love that stove. I wanted something that's smaller and a bit lighter and decided to buy Bushbox.
I love it too. I bought the Bushbox set so I got the carrying bag. The bag is a good quality bag, and the stove is of a great quality. It's really easy to assembly. It takes me less than a minute to assemble the stove. Using it is also easy. I can use wood for fuel or use it as a stand for my Trangia alky stove.

28 Jan 2016

Very handy

Great stove

1 Jan 2016

Just WOW!!!

An early Christmas present for myself which was delivered within three days. WOW! Super fast! So more time for experimenting with it!
It is an easy set up, burns nice on cotton/beeswax-pads and added wood. Cools down very fast. Easy to clean.
It is just a wonderful piece of equipment in your backpack on hikes!!

28 Dec 2015

Will use forever

Very good cool stove easy portable just great

7 Jul 2015

perfect little wood stove - amazing shipping speed

Amazing little stove, packs down and fits perfect in the small exterior pocket of my Maxpedition bottle holder. very easy and stable stove even with a full pot on top.

16 Jun 2015

Well made stove that will see plenty of action.

I bought this as a gift for my son & he is delighted with it.
We have tried the 3 fuels & a brass ethanol burner works the best.
With the twigs it took a long time to boil a mug of water, we might need
To practice a bit more. Every one who's seen the stove wants one
& was surprised at the price, as it looks expensive.

21 May 2015

Bushcraft essentials in Cape Verde

Amazing stove and grill to use with trangia or woods! Very compact and versatile!

13 Apr 2015

Ideal small stove, light, practical & well made.

A great stove, ideal for the back camper / hiker / fisherman who just wants to make a quick hot drink or meal. Could be made better by having the same ring opening system as the XL, but that's the only improvement it requires.

26 Feb 2015


This is amazing stove! Very nice and compact design. Highly recommended!

20 Feb 2015

a great portable stove!!

Stove is easy to assemble and sturdy once assembled- a quality piece of kit! I purchased the kit and happy I did! When using wood as a fuel, one has to tend to the fire a bit due to the need to use smaller (~1cm) diameter fuels, but one the plus side you can just break up small branches so fuel is abundant!

10 Feb 2015


An excellent piece of kit at a fair price, that is very compact and easy to use.

30 Dec 2014

Good little stove.

Good little stove well made and sturdy. Uses a small amount of fuel, boils 0.5 litres of water in 10 minutes. Hard to maintain burn due to small fire box which needs careful tending to maintain heart. Battening dry wood helps. Works well with heximine tablets and spirit burner.

Would recommend this where weight is at a premium and for quick brews but go for the xl if you need to rely on it for an extended period.

10 Dec 2014

Excellent, versatile multi fuel burner

Highly Recommended!
See my detailed review at http://www.smartbushcraft.com/bushbox-outdoor-pocket-stove-bushbox-set-review/

28 Nov 2014

Fantastic Stove - will buy more as gifts

Wow what a fantastic little stove. 6 easy pieces (and 2 trivet handles) joined together in seconds into what has to be one of the best "gadgets" for anyone into the outdoors. I bought it following the many excellent reviews on YouTube and I am not disappointed. I've used it with a Trangia fuel stove as well as using wood and it has performed excellently managing to boil about 500ml of water in under 10 minutes
The bushbox pocket is indeed pocket and can be easily stored in an altoids tin. The version I bought was the combination which included a strong black pouch and a grill.
I bought it at the same time as I bought the Micro which is bijou but works well too. A few days ago I ordered the XL and can't wait to use that either. I'm also thinking about getting 2-3 more of the pocket sized for Xmas gifts.
A wonderful product

23 Nov 2014



16 Oct 2014

Can't go wrong with this

The Bushbox set makes perfect sense: the extra couple of quid is definitely worth it. The bag is strong, practical and well-made. The extra grill plate is really useful (although I haven't used it yet) and the stove feels solid. I marked it down only because mine was a bit scuffed and the edges were rather sharp. Have used it a couple of times and found that it's great for a quick brew in a steel mug. Can get it set up, make my tea, empty the ashes and put it away in half an hour. That's efficient.
One addition I've made is to add a cloth to wipe it down afterwards. You might want to consider doing the same!

10 Oct 2014

Another superb Stove

Excellent little stove,very versatile and compact... i have all of their stoves apart from the Titanium Pocket Bushbox,and they are all superb.
No faults whatsoever,,, Great Multi Fuel Stoves from Bushcraft Essentials.. and a lot of my friends have bought their products and all are very happy with them.

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