Bushbox LF Titanium

Bushbox LF Titanium
Bushbox LF Titanium
Bushbox LF Titanium
Bushbox LF Titanium
Bushbox LF Titanium
Bushbox LF Titanium
Bushbox LF Titanium
Bushbox LF Titanium
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  • BCE-044

Product overview

  • Highly efficient, compact folding stove made of extra-light titanium
  • Ideal for cooking for 1-2 people
  • The set includes: Bushbox LF Titanium, Trivets (Set), Outdoor Bag
  • Approx. 360 g | 14 x 10 x 1.2 cm (folded), 14 x 10 x 10 cm (unfolded)
  • Material: Pure titanium (Grade 1)
  • Made in Germany
Our Bushbox LF in the extra-light titanium version - the perfect choice for anyone who... more
Product information "Bushbox LF Titanium"

Our Bushbox LF in the extra-light titanium version - the perfect choice for anyone who appreciates a compact and lightweight stove when out and about. Includes our variable Trivets as well as a durable Outdoor Bag that keeps all your gear neat and tidy.

The „Bushbox LF Titanium“ in detail

Bushbox LF Titanium

  • The Bushbox LF Titanium ("LF" stands for "Large, Foldable") combines the advantages of both our original Bushbox and the Bushbox XL, in one stove: it is small and compact, foldable and every bit as efficient as the Bushbox XL. 
  • Ideal for cooking and warming for 1-2 people.
  • Featuring our unique hinge technology that ensures the hinges never stick, the Bushbox LF Titanium is easy to set up and fold, even with gloves or clammy hands. 
  • With the Bushbox LF Titanium you are completely independent, as it can be used in many different ways and is suitable for natural solid fuels (twigs, branches, leaves, charcoal, animal dung) as well as for spirit burners (e.g. Trangia), Esbit tablets, gel cookers, etc.
  • With its small pack size (only approx. 1.2 cm thick when folded), the ingenious hobo stove can be stowed anywhere.
  • The Bushbox LF Titanium is made entirely of titanium, including the Trivets. Only the bottom plate, which is subject to high thermal stress, is made of stainless steel to prevent it from possible warping. 
  • The Bushbox LF is well thought-out down to the smallest detail and offers you many possibilities for individual use. Read more here.

Technical data

  • Weight: 300 g
  • Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 1.2 cm (folded), 14 x 10 x 10 cm (unfolded)
  • Material: Pure titanium (Grade 1, 1 mm), bottom plate from stainless steel
  • Made in Germany

How our stoves work:

All our Bushboxes follow the stack effect (or chimney principle): The air flows into the stove from below, causes even damp material to burn and produces strong heat which – thanks to the clever design of the stove - is directed straight upwards and hardly radiates to the sides. Compared to a campfire, the Bushbox allows for a clean, compact and safe way of cooking, fully in line with the "Leave no Trace" principle.

Trivets (Set) Bushbox LF Titanium

  • On top of the Bushbox LF Titanium the included titanium Trivets ensure safe standing even for smaller cups and cooking vessels. 
  • Various notches allow for the Trivets to be inserted in different positions as required and ensure sufficient air supply between flame and cookware.
  • Thanks to the Trivets, you can place an external heat source (e.g. Trangia) at two different heights in the Bushbox LF Titanium. 
  • Alternatively, the Trivets can be used to handle the hot Bushbox. In combination with the Universal Grate (separately available) they can also be used as a toast holder or to keep your coffee cup warm. Be creative.

Technical data

  • Weight: 18 g (Set)
  • Dimensions: 14 x 1.6 cm
  • Material: Pure titanium (Grade 1)
  • Made in Germany

Outdoor Bag Bushbox LF

Made of durable canvas fabric, this Outdoor Bag can take a beating! It has a loop on the back and a sturdy D-ring for attaching to a belt, waistband, or the outside of a backpack. Thanks to the two inner compartments, Bushbox LF Titanium and Trivets can be stored separately within the bag. With practical Velcro fastener. 

Technical data

  • Weight: 53 g
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 13.5 cm
  • Material: Canvas, 100 % cotton


Not sure which stove is right for you? Then take a look at our stove selection matrix:  


Bushbox LF Titanium Tips & Tricks:

Material: Titanium
Dimensions stove assembled: 14 x 10 x 10 cm
Total Weight: 360 g
Incl. Trivets:
Incl. Universal Grate (Stainless steel):
Incl. Universal Grate (Titanium):
Incl. Grill Plate:
Incl. Outdoor Bag:
Incl. Leather Pouch:
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Customer review for "Bushbox LF Titanium"
4 Dec 2021

Bush box LF Titanium

After much on-line deliberation, the watching of many YouTube reviews and being very impressed, I decided to order a Bushbox LF Titanium, due to the weight saving. My entire order consisted of a Boxbox LF Titanium, extra trivets, universal great, multi functional case in titanium and I thought, why not have a tee shirt too…
So my entire order with shipping came to £135.20
Shipping was swift, Bushcraft ESsentials did a lovely job packing my order - and I thought £135.20 was all done and dusted. Sadly and annoyingly for me, I got hit with a bill for £45.11 from UK Customs and Excise… not generally dealing with this stuff, I didn’t realise. So obviously this spoilt my purchase.
I went back to Bushcraft Essentials web site and in the small print it does say purchasers are responsible for customs duties… So I guess my fault for not reading every term and condition. This purchase would have probably been cheaper via Amazon uk…. I thought I was doing a good thing purchasing direct from the manufacturer… but this has turned into a much dearer purchase for me…

The quality of everything is lovely and I’m looking forward to using it… although the t-shirt is too small… Buyer beware purchasing direct from the EU going forward, you’re better to purchase from a uk vendor…

Admin 7 Dec 2021

Unfortunately you will always have to pay customs duties - if you buy from a UK vendor, you will notice that the GBP price is above the EU recommended retail price - because the vendor had to pay customs duties as well. Still we recommend buying from a UK endor if you are in the UK since you will get your order faster and hassle-free and you will have a local contact.

26 Feb 2020

Astonishing quality

Packable, lightweight and super robust... ready for the adventure!

17 Nov 2019


Fantastic stove, perfect size for 1-2 people. You can tell every detail has been thought out and tested. Burns very efficient. Lightweight, easy and quick to fold / unfold and the bag is very heavy duty. I use it with both wood, coal and Trangia burner and sometimes to build a camp fire (start the fire in the box, grow it and then take the box out of the fire). The bottom plates do warp, however it is easy to bend them back with your fingers. I am now saving up for the XL Ti for my winter camping adventures. So glad I bought it!

3 Apr 2019

Returning customer recommending products

I bought the LF titanium after purchasing both XL and small Bushbox first as I was impressed by the design of the XL but wanted something smaller to carry with less weight. And it certainly didn’t let me down. The same build quality as the XL in a smaller package. Tough and sturdy, designed to last the test of time, I’m really pleased with my purchase and don’t regret buying at all. Shipping was fast and the grill plate followed 4 days later, I cant fault bushcraft essentials for their speedy service and fantastic quality products, if you’re thinking about purchasing, you won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend their products.

18 Feb 2019

Great Box!!

I first bought a bush box a few years ago and found it to be great but a little small, I looked at the XL but it was a bit big for what i need, I liked the quick fold out feature, any way fast forward to now and i saw they had made the LF for these exact reasons, I love it, slightly bigger so you can load it up with more fuel and it folds flat so its quicker to set up and take down, Perfect!!! And at just over 300g you will never notice it in your pack!!

17 Sep 2018

Good mid-size stove

I bought this for an early season trip and have had time to use it for awhile now. It arrived in timely manner. The stove I first received had an assembly issue which was quickly addressed to my full satisfaction. I've been trying out a number of different wood stove designs and this is a very good stove with a fire box large enough to not need constant feeding yet the stove is very compact. If a nice supply of wood is prepared in advance, it is easy to feed the fuel to maintain a desirable flame (hint: for grilling, prep coals beforehand or pull from a second fire and feed as needed). This stove is a good size for grilling hamburger, pork chops, smaller steaks, sausage and such. It is also stable enough to support pots and pans much larger than you'd think (a 10 inch pan works just fine for me if the stove is on a stable flat surface). I haven't found a single "favorite" stove because there are always many tradeoffs and situations for use. Gasification stoves excel for boiling but are hard to keep going for longer cooking. The box stoves are great for all around cooking and this one is a great compromise in both size and weight.

11 Sep 2018

So glad I paid the premium for this premium product.

With the reviews I saw I expected a good product but was concerned about the shipping time from Germany. The product was what I expected from Germany - outstanding. And the shipping was prompt and easy. So glad I paid the premium for this premium product.

14 Jun 2018

Best wood stove on earth.

Flawless, efficient, light, tought, from a litte european company, made in europe. Perfect.

18 Apr 2018

Compliments, excellent réchaud, je recommande.

La Bushbox LF est très performante. Elle utilise, très peu de bois et chauffe rapidement 1 repas et 1 café.
Refroidissement en 10 minutes à peine.
Je n’ai pas trouvé de point négatif, bien utilisé, elle ne se déforme pas.
J’ai aussi acheté la Bushbox XL qui est plus grande ( repas pour 3 / 4 personnes), et j’en suis aussi très satisfait.
Ce sont les meilleurs réchauds que j’utiliserai toujours et que je recommande.

1 Mar 2018

Light, Strong, Pratical - Excellent

Excellent quality, this is light but very strong and also very efficient. Perfect for 1-2 persons on hiking or backpacking trips as it is very versatile. One of those things that you get what you pay for and in his case it is well worth the money.

8 Dec 2017

Excellent design! Remarkable quality! Light weight! What's not to like? ...oh, wait...the price... :)

An excellent hobo-stove! The only nuisance: wish you made the feeding port a couple cm wider, so that a standard trangia simmering ring could fit through - it's a pain to remove the trivets to put the ring on the burner. Still, totally recommend this stove!! (Arrived to SPb, Russia in 8 days.)

21 Nov 2017

Best box on the market

You pay for what you get and this box is no exception. High quality, light weight, and works amazing. Should last a lifetime.

29 Sep 2017

Light and Strong

This is the perfect sized bushbox for hiking. The titanium makes it light enough to carry and strong enough to withstand the heat of using it as a wood stove.

19 Sep 2017

My solo stove for now on.

German quality like expected. Light and reliable but also surprisingly fast. LF is a spot one size for my needs.

16 Aug 2017

My go to stowe on solo trips

Great product! Lightweight and efficient.

10 Aug 2017

Will bring this stove everytime I camp in the Woods.

Great product! I have both Bushbox XL and now the LF both in Titanium, just used the LF this past weekend on a overnight back packing trip up Gold Creek British Columbia, used wood only and is very easy to controle the heat for cooking. Just Love these stoves.

7 Aug 2017

Bushcraft Essential make great product

Meet my expectation. A good product . However , why the trivet can not be stored like XL version? It is much ore conveinient in that way.

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