BE Survival-Dog Tag

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  • BCE-003

Product overview

  • Multifunctional survival tool for sawing, cutting, and hunting in an emergency
  • Perfect for your EDC or to wear around the neck
  • Weight: 10 g
  • Dimensions: 5 x 2.8 cm
  • Material: 100 % stainless steel
  • Made in Germany
  • No shipment to the US & Canada
The BE Survival Dog Tag is equipped with essential tools for survival, ensuring access to food... more
Product information "BE Survival-Dog Tag"

The BE Survival Dog Tag is equipped with essential tools for survival, ensuring access to food in emergencies. Wearable around your neck, this compact survival tool remains with you at all times.

The „BE Survival-Dog Tag“ in detail 

  • The BE Survival-Dog Tag integrates essential tools crucial for emergency situations, aiding in creating tools to capture small game for survival needs.
  • Caution: Only use in emergency scenarios or with appropriate licensing!
  • We do not ship this item to the US & Canada, as we manufacture the BE Survival-Dog Tag under an agreement with Phil Bellefeuille, US Patent 8162784 holder.
  • The Dog Tag is small and compact – ideal to wear around the neck or for keeping in your wallet or EDC kit. If you like to wear the Dog Tag, we recommend our Stainless Steel Ball Chain and the Silencer to go with it.
  • A saw and a prepared area for a blade are on the outside of the BE Survival-Dog Tag, the arrowhead can be broken out in an emergency.

The BE Survival-Dog Tag contains the following tools:

  • Saw
  • Area for a blade (For safety reasons, the blade is not sharpened so that you don't injure yourself when wearing the Dog Tag around your neck, but you can easily do this yourself if necessary.)
  • 1 arrowhead with holes for attaching to a spear with thread
  • Round scraper for trimming and smoothing arrows and spears
  • Hole for attaching the Dog Tag to our Ball Chain or to a string

Technical data

  • Weight: 10 g
  • Dimensions: 5 x 2.8 cm
  • Material: 100 % stainless steel (1.2 mm)
  • Made in Germany


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Customer review for "BE Survival-Dog Tag"
30 Jul 2018

All is perfect!

It was delivered pretty fast to Russia by priority mail.

30 Oct 2017

No shipping to the US, where to buy in US

I've only marked shipping as a one star due to the fact that you don't ship to the U.S. I understand the whole patent infringement, however, where could us bushcrafters in the US get a survival dogtag like this?

[Comment by Bushcraft Essentials: Unfortunately the Dog Tag is not being sold by the patent holder. Nonetheless we cannot sell it to the US due to the US patent, we just have a license for the rest of the world as we have explained in the product description. So - no reason for a negative shipping rating.]

3 May 2016

No U.S.A. :(

I wish you shipped to the U.S. :( I really like the BE Survival Dog tag and card.
[Comment by Bushcraft Essentials: You will understand that we cannot commit patent infringements - and for that reason we cannot sell this product in the US. We are making them under license of the patent owner who does not want us to sell them in the US.]

10 Oct 2014

A1 Product as usual

Superb bits of kit,a handy little survival item.... 'Just in case'
Another great product from Bushcraft Essentials

3 Apr 2014

Brilliant jewelry

I do wear a dog tag with my name, etc. and this is just a brilliant piece of bushcraft jewelry to add to this or just wear seperate. It is not offensive yet very functional if you ever are in a survival situation. But it is also very nice to look at and in fact a nice piece of jewelry that a real man can wear.

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