JV Survival Card

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  • BCE-045

Product overview

  • Multifunctional survival tool for sawing, cutting, hunting and fishing in an emergency
  • Designed by well-known survival expert Joe Vogel exclusively for Bushcraft Essentials
  • Perfect for your EDC
  • Weight: 60 g
  • Dimensions: 12 x 7.3 cm
  • Material: 100 % stainless steel
  • Made in Germany
Developed exclusively for Bushcraft Essentials by survival expert Joe Vogel, this survival tool... more
Product information "JV Survival Card"

Developed exclusively for Bushcraft Essentials by survival expert Joe Vogel, this survival tool will keep you fully equipped for emergencies and you can directly benefit from his years of experience with extreme situations. The JV Survival Card allows you to quickly obtain high-quality food in an emergency, with a wide range of hooks and skewers for fishing and hunting.

The „JV Survival Card“ in detail 

  • The JV Survival Card benefits from Joe Vogel's extraordinary experience with "primitive hunting", which he has collected on his expeditions on all continents. This makes it a tried-and-tested tool for practical application in actual emergency situations. 
  • The card offers a wide selection of various hooks and different spear concepts for catching fish, birds, snakes, amphibians, fish, molluscs, crabs, and for hunting small mammals. This survival tool can also be used for cutting and sawing.
  • Caution: Only use in emergency situations or with a licence!
  • The card is small and compact – ideal for keeping in your wallet or EDC kit.
  • Chisel, saw and blade are on the outside of the tool. All other parts can be broken out of the card in an emergency.

The JV Survival Card features the following parts:

  • Special saw for guide grooves with raker teeth and rounded first tooth.
  • Sharp blade in chisel grind
  • Chisel for making fastening holes
  • 5 hooks in 3 different sizes (including 4 double hooks) 
  • 3 small single spikes, suitable as hooks or harpoons for small fish and amphibians 
  • 3 large angled spikes, for the construction of tridents, eel-spears, etc. 
  • A special hook, support and spear rest for the construction of a spear thrower (Atlatl)

Technical data

  • Weight:  60 g
  • Dimensions: 12 x 7,3 cm
  • Material: 100 % stainless steel (1 mm)
  • Made in Germany

Legend for the schematic drawing

  • A winding edge – To carry fishing line, Paracord, Dyneema etc.
  • B Chisel – For drilling fastening holes for the safety pins of K and J
  • C Saw – With raker teeth and rounded first tooth for sawing with the fiber
  • D (not applicable)
  • E Blade – For field dressing animals, carving
  • F Small Single Spikes – For bending hooks (grind tip on a stone on one side) and as harpoons for amphibians and small fish
  • G Small Double Hooks – For bending hooks, as double pointed hooks for hunting birds and other animals
  • H Large Double Hooks – Like G
  • J Large Single Spikes – for the construction of tridents, eel-spears, etc.
  • K Sling Hook – To build a spear thrower
  • L Suspension Line Loop and Hook Bender – For bending the hooks and for attaching a lanyard / suspension line
  • M Large Hook – For catching heavier animals up to 10 kg
  • N Spear Rest – To support the spear of a spear thrower
  • O Spear Rest Support – Support for the spear rest

Examples of use:

Eel spear (eels, snakes and catfish)

Punch a hole in the centre of the spear with a chisel, fit a large double hook, secure with line, saw two opposite longitudinal grooves, punch a securing hole in the wood for the spike of the single spears, fit the large single spears and tie them in place.


Saw three longitudinal grooves around the spear, drill a hole at the location of the safety pin, break out the skewers and insert them into the grooves. Then tie the spears in place and thread the string through the securing holes.

Spear slingshot (Atlatl)

Saw off a branch the length of your forearm, saw a long channel (at least as long as the sling hook), insert the sling hook (with the hook towards the long end) – press firmly. Tie down the sling hook, saw in two opposite support notches, insert and press in the support, thread the support holder into the recess, tie down and fix the support with the support holder, cut a recess at the thin end of the spear with the cutting edge (for the sling hook), insert the recess at the end of the spear into the hook, place the spear on the support, fix in place with one hand – only accelerate when throwing at the animal with the sling.


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23 May 2017

Good in an emergency situation or on a trip.

Great! Love it

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