Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove

Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove
Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove
Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove
Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove
Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove
Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove
Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove
Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove
Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove
Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove
Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove
Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove
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Our famous multi-fuel pocket stove. Can be used with wood, other organic material, a standard... more
Product information "Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove"

Our famous multi-fuel pocket stove. Can be used with wood, other organic material, a standard Trangia burner or Esbit. Comes with two trivets for any pot size. Very small and lightweight, fits into any pocket. Comes with an ash pan for soil protection.

Super easy to put together and use as the "Build it from the Back" design, put it together in seconds. This stove is feirloom quality and built to last, made from 100% stainless steel. Designed and manufactured in Germany. A solid piece of equipment designed to last a lifetime.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT and PACKABLE: Folds up compact and packs flat enough to fit into a pocket. Save space in your backpack and eliminate the need to carry heavy, canister fuels. GREAT SIZE and PERFECT WEIGHT: SIZE: 11.5 x 9 x 0.5 cm, 270 grams OR 4.5" x 3.5" x 0.2", 9.5 ounces. Cotton storage bag included for easy packing and storage.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Reduce carbon footprint and fuel costs by using renewable resources like twigs, leaves, pinecones, wood shavings, feathers, cotton pads, and other organic matter. Wood pellets, charcoal, dried animal dung are also great, fast burning options.
  • MULTIFUEL CAPABILITY: The Bushbox easily supports an alcohol burner, gel cans, standard Trangia burners and Esbit and hexamine tablets (use the special base plate position or turn the Bushbox upside down).
  • VERSATILE, EASILY PORTABLE, SIMPLE TO USE: Use as a windshield or pot support for other burners. The compact bushbox design is an easy item to add to a backpacker's cache or survivalist's bug out bag. Comes with 2 trivets that fit any pot design.
  • BUILT TO LAST, BEST SELLING ORIGINAL DESIGN: 100% Stainless Steel; designed and manufactured in Germany; MAINTENANCE: The Bushcraft Essentials stoves require almost no care and maintenance but be sure to keep the stove free from dirt and wipe it down from time to time. Keep the holes in the base plate clear and un -clogged as to get the most optimal and efficient fire.

NOTE: Please note it comes with a few scratches from production as Bushcraft Essentials does not polish their products as to avoid water pollution and health risks. Bushcraft Essentials stoves are designed and manufactured in Munich, Germany, to the highest manufacturing specifications possible, and contain no plastics in the products or in the packaging - opting instead for cotton bags and cardboard. Important: Follow the disassembly instructions in the manual!

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Customer review for "Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove"
3 May 2017

Great Portable Stove

I really like this stove. Only problem is initially it is a very tight fit and I have trouble disassembling it. Hopefully that will loosen up a bit over time. I know that my wife would not be able to disassemble it now. The small bag it comes in is OK, I would rather have a nylon bag.

[Comment by Bushcraft Essentials: It should loosen over time - as for the disassembly: please make sure you follow the disassembly procedure in the manual, there is a little trick...]

13 Mar 2017

Lightweight and strong

I had previously bought a cheaper Chinese wood burning stove which in itself is nice enough, but the Bushbox is a large step up. The Bushbox is a LOT more rigid and stable when assembled and the steel used is thicker and better finished. It is a lovely piece of kit, lightweight, compact, strong and feels like it was built to last.

29 Dec 2016

First class

As usual build quality outstanding great bit of kit

20 Dec 2016

Nice and solid, but a few unfinished edges.

It's well made and solid, but I've found a few spots look like unfinished welding which are sharp edges. My file cannot flat them, so i guess the material is tough enough for hard use, hahahaa.

14 Oct 2016

I would thouroughly it recomend to others.

Very impressed with the quality & gauge of steel used.

29 Sep 2016

Great Versatile Stove

This is great company with good communication throughout, the stove was shipped very quickly and received in excellent condition. the stove goes together very well although as new a little bit tight but that's expected. weight is very light and the whole thing is just so versatile using a Trangia style burner or solid tabs or even small sticks etc. fantastic all round.

28 Sep 2016

handy and cosy

High quality product, and easy to assemble. Keeps the fire controlled (safety) and concentrated (useful for cooking). As it's made of steel it's not super-light but not heavy either. You may need some practice for disassembling the stove so your hands don't get completely black (or use gloves) :)

31 Aug 2016


Cannot fault it.

13 Jul 2016

Great stove well made solid item. Fits nicely into the pocket. Would recommend

I like this stove a lot. Its well made, putting it together is simple and is really light and fits in a pocket nicely. I like that on the slots theres a little clip that the peices clip and secure into so when it's picked up it's solid. I like that I have options when using different fuels aswell.

7 Jul 2016

It fits in your pocket but it boils water like a pro

This little stove is one of the best compromise you can find between portability and efficiency. It fits inside the back pocket of your jeans yet can help you start a fire and boil water in less than 5 minutes. So you can easily pack this for a trek, a day at the beach, into a survival EDC that you want to remain compact.

There are a few advantages to a hobo stove: less smoke, easier lighting, fewer combustion materials (here it is fairly versatile: wood, esbit system, even pellets because the holes in the base are small). It is a lot more discreet than an open fire, and it is NOT an open fire (these are forbidden where I live but here this would constitute a loophole). It is also a lot safer because the fire is concentrated in one area and the ash tray collector keeps it mostly in place.

Also the stove is quite stable and can handle a large pan easily despite its size.

Finally, the pieces are made of fine metal and where well crafted so that everything holds its place and the sides are not creased by the fire. This is why you should think about what price you put in these. The difference in price will be material dependent. This one is going to last long. I know they also make a titanium version which must be lighter. The design is very well thought of with holes and dents where you need them to handle your stove with a twig or a knife.

The only issue I had with this is the dismantling because the edges of the metal are coarse and I cut my fingers twice. Well, I don't care so much because I was at home and outside I use gloves. The sides have little dents to secure everything in place and it was a bit difficult to separate the pieces because of it after the first burn.

Apart from this, really a useful and lightweight solution for your camping needs.

In the video I did on my Amazon UK review, I show the stove in use to make charcloth (I didn't mention you need a hole in the box). It worked like a charm.

3 Jun 2016

Top Notch

Excellent piece of kit- really compact pack and quick and easy to assemble

18 May 2016

I recommend.

Great stove. Easy to assemble and reassemble. Works great with trangia burner. Not to heavy.

18 Apr 2016

Exactly what I was looking for.

Nice and compact stove.

12 Apr 2016


I love this little stove fits nice in my pack! Weighs next to nothing , and now with the extra grill plate can cook a normal sized burger! Or a couple of sausage, it's so efficient it only requires a little wood as fuel, have yet to use trangia , I love my little bushbox!! And highly recommend it!!

5 Apr 2016

Brilliant stove.

Solid bit of kit. Pleasure to use.

21 Nov 2015

This product is a buy!

Excellent compact unit.

14 Oct 2015

Great little stove.

What a great little pocket stove, the quality, design are second to none. This is the the multi fuel stove I've been looking for, and it works as described. Well pleased.

22 Sep 2015


An excellent bit of kit. Ridiculously compact when broken down, rock solid when put together. Does the job well ensuring good airflow, and cools quickly once finished with.

Order was processed the same day, shipping to the UK took 8 days.

31 Aug 2015

used it outdoors

fast easy dilivery and works

9 Jun 2015

Superb Product

Amazing product. I used it the first weekend I recieved it when I was out wild camping. The build quality is super and I love how small it packs away. I would recommend to anyone that doesnt have the luxury of been able to use full open fires.

30 Mar 2015

Great little stove

Not sure how handy the stove will turn out as you need quite small pieces of wood, so time will tell and 4/5 for use. (Verdict after making coffee in a stove top coffee making -worked perfect- and baking an egg in an 8" cast iron skillet -nice breakfast, but obviously a bit too much for the little stove.) That being said, it runs great, packs small and overall quality looks superb. Not too heavy, but also not super-super-light so if you're into that maybe you want to consider the titanium variety.

30 Sep 2014

Genial !

Après un premier achat en ai commandé un 2 eme kit complet.ai couplé les 2.cest super bien conçu. ..je le fais connaitre autour de moi..à toujours avoir dans son sac a dos..a bois ou a alcool a bruler .un plaisir..!!!

19 Sep 2014

Génial !!!

Superbe produit bien conçu ,polyvalent et hyper pratique...avec une très belle qualité d'inox qui va durer dans le temps..Du coup je passe commande d'une autre bushbox avec grill en plus et la porte jumelable..plus un fire pump et plus tard le grand modèle box...
J'attends avec impatience d'autres produits BE et ne manquerais pas d'ici là de recommander les bushbox essentials..
Un grand merci

22 Jul 2014

Second one I have bought - that really says it all.

I have been using the 1st 'pocket' stove I bought for 2+ months with a TYrangia Burner, Wood and Hexy blocks. It is superb using any of those fuels. I fills my needs 100% for a multi fuel unit for a single day or overnight simple cook kit. The 2nd unit is for my wife to use. Since purchasing both units I have decided to go one step further and move to the 'XL' which was, co-incidentally, delivered only yesterday.

There is no comparison so far as the quality and performance of this product is concerned. It outshines them all - most of which I have to say, I HAVE used so can give a valid comparrison.

AS A FOOTNOTE there are two points I would make. When using the pocket stove in Trangia mode it is as well to leave the front off (to enable better oxygen ingress and secure the sides etc by using the two trivets in the RAISED position. By doing the latter the efficienty is improved by utilising the 'Coanda' wall attachment effect (for fluids and gases in motion) This effect enables the heat from the Trangia to 'stick' to the bottom and sides of a pan - providing the junction between base and walls is rounded. This effect will also assist when using other fuels.

17 Jul 2014


Great product excellent quality it was everything I expected fast delivery great costumer service
It's true multi fuel stove burns wood, alcohol, wood pellets, pine cones, & twigs makes good hot fire cooks

15 Jul 2014


First of alll what grate quality small but a NICE weight to it dose not feel cheap at all I thank military men everywhere shood have one !!! Grate steel of course its german steel THANK YOU WILL BE buying the XL version THANK YOU BUSHCRAFT essentials

5 Jun 2014


I've used this stove during some offroad motorcycle trips; I bought it not only as wood burning stove but also to use it with trangia or gel fuel stove,.
With the NOTKOCHER 71 works great, the same with the Trangia burner.

10 May 2014

love mine and you will too

I purchased my Bushbox pocket stove on amazon a few weeks ago. I've been using it ever since. I like how it's not only a wood burning stove but that I can use esbit tabs and alcohol stoves as well. This stove is made of high quality stainless steel and does not warp when it gets hot like a log of other higher priced stoves that are made from less quality steel.

3 May 2014


What can I say? This is an amazing little stove, bought as it is multi fuel use (trangia meths burner, esbit tabs or twigs etc) used it on a recent camp out in the forest (funky and roachs meet up) and it never let me down, delivery was ultra quick and packaged very well too! One gripe I have is there should be a heavier duty bag to store it in but tgat is only a very minor thing
Well done guys ill definately have to buy more gear from you in future

4 Apr 2014

Fantastic stove!!!!

I live in Brazil and bought the first time a product of Bushcraft Essentials last month.

The Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove is great and very sturdy. I was surprised with the quality of the product.

My suggestion is just to improve the bag that comes with it. A stronger product is required.

3 Apr 2014

Environment friendly

Having a hobo stove that packs real small and is safe for the environment was our main reason to test this product. We did test it and made a film for youtube. We were already amazed by the functions and the next day discovered another one. Amazing product! It will be my trusty bushcraft friend whenever I just have to cook for myself.

1 Apr 2014

Best stove of its type

I bought this stove on Amazon. It shipped directly from Germany (very fast). Here is the review I left on Amazon:

I did research on this type of stove for months before purchasing. The things that make this stove stand out from the others are:
1. Price - lower price than any other stove of its type and size. Shipping from Amazon store was very reasonable, too.
2. The multi position ash pan is designed to enable use of Solid fuel tabs or alcohol stoves. This feature works very well and is lacking in any other stove of its type.
3. The fuel port is above the fire grate instead of at the same level. This helps keep the fire contained inside the stove and makes adding wood easier. After using many types of stoves - I found this is a BIG feature.
4. Everything (crossbar pot supports) included
This stove assembles and takes apart easily. It is very stable when assembled. A few stoves fold instead of take-apart and that seems like a good feature but the few seconds it takes to put this together are not a problem for me.
A small stove like this takes constant attention to keep it fueled because of the small fuel area but it is easy to keep a good flame going. When left to die out it burns completely to a fine ash.
Edit: After a bit of experience with the stove I found that by doing a 'top-down' burn by filling the firebox completely, larger sticks on the bottom and twigs on top, I only had to fill the stove box one time. One loading manages to boil 4 cups of water with still some burn time left.
The stove is made of good quality stainless - I burned it hot and long as a test and it did not warp and still assembles and takes apart easily.

27 Feb 2014

Great product

I have used this firebox only once yet and with a Trangia placed inside.It worked perfectly fine.Its a great compact size and easily fits into a pocket. There is a little bit of weight to it but nothing terrible and if this was a problem there is a titanium version available.A couple of things to note so far that I have noticed is that some of the edges of the cut outs on the stove are quite sharp so be aware of this, secondly putting the stove together is easy, but taking it apart is tricky until you learn to squeeze the corners into themselves and then its easy. So overall I am very pleased with this little stove its well made, a fair price and delivery was fast to the UK (in fact it got here quicker than other parcels purchased in the UK)

17 Dec 2013


A standard type ordered favorite XL size.
Japanese I am impressed by small manufacturing Germany of the manufacturing.
I use it habitually as heavy user.

12 Nov 2013

Awesome little stove

Excellent product. Git exactly what I wanted. Well packaged, very quick delivery. Thanks!

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