Grill Plate Bushbox / Bushbox Titanium

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  • BCE-026

Product overview

  • Use it as a mini grill or solid platform for smaller pots and cups
  • Weight: approx. 35 g
  • Dimensions: approx. 8.8 x 8 cm
  • Material: 100 % stainless steel
  • Made in Germany
You can either buy the Grill Plate as a separate accessory for your Bushbox or Bushbox... more
Product information "Grill Plate Bushbox / Bushbox Titanium"

You can either buy the Grill Plate as a separate accessory for your Bushbox or Bushbox Titanium or as part of the Bushbox Set.

The „Grill Plate Bushbox / Bushbox Titanium“ in detail

  • The Grill Plate provides a solid platform for smaller pots and cups.
  • With the Grill Plate, you can turn your Bushbox into a mini grill.
  • Note: The Grill Plate can only be used from the 4th generation of the Bushbox with the notches on the top of the short side panels.

Technical data

  • Weight: 35 g 
  • Dimensions: 8.8 x 8 cm
  • Material: 100 % stainless steel (0.8 mm, 1.4301)
  • Made in Germany


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Customer review for "Grill Plate Bushbox / Bushbox Titanium"
20 Nov 2017

A nice addition

Excellent grill plate. Fits really well with the Bushbox TI. This one is stainless steel and it is a shame that a titanium version does not seem to be available to purchase. Perhaps steel has better heat conductivity for the grill.
[Comment by Bushcraft Essentials: The reason why the grill plate is not available in Titanium is - as you already suspected - that Titanium has a very bad heat conductivity. It would just be much more expensive without saving much weight or having other advantages.]

2 Mar 2017

Essential for BC stove.

This is as good as described. Essential for bushcraft stove.

12 Apr 2016

well made a must have edition to the bushbox!!

Love it just big enough to cook a burger!

2 Dec 2014

Good addition to my cook set

A good addition to my bush box stove although a little small for cooking anything large it is ideal for say a burger or a couple of sausages.

30 Sep 2014

Indispensable grille

Support pour griller saucisses, couplé avec une autre bushbox fait un petit barbecue tres efficient.

3 May 2014

Edc stove grill plate

A brilliant addition to the already brilliant bushbox stove, just made it easier to cook the sausages over the coals

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