Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox

Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
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Small but powerful! The world's smallest hobo stove - fits in a wallet! Super small - pack size... more
Product information "Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox"

Small but powerful! The world's smallest hobo stove - fits in a wallet! Super small - pack size 4,7 x 6,5 cm, only 75 grams, still a fully functional hobo stove. Can be used with wood, other organic material, Esbit, alcohol burner or a tea candle. Multifunctional use as EDC emergency stove, penholder, stylish teapot warmer and atmospheric tea candle lamp also. Each part has a hole for a carabiner. Comes in a sturdy nylon pouch with velcro fastener.  OTHER PRODUCTS SHOWN ARE INTENDED FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY AND NOT PART OF THE OFFER.

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Customer review for "Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox"
9 Mar 2022

I got this stove as a bit of a novelty, but after over 3 years of use it along with my Enamul mug it has been everywhere with me. It is well built and fully functional.

I carry it every day with an enamel mug and have used it with a mess tin to cook many meals. I love it.

13 May 2019

practical and easy to use

It's was a gift, but the person who I gave it to, just loved it
It's very practical and easy to use

30 Dec 2018

Handy little item

Great little stove for making a hot beverage on the trail, I did not think it would work but to my surprise it worked great, I used mini fire starter stick from uco (they look like little Christmas trees) to start and maintain fire easily for a nice brew.

14 Oct 2018

Great for hot drinks!

I honestly bought this stove out of curiosity as opposed to functionality and have been quite surprised by how much I use it.

Although I don’t think burning wood in this little stove is practical, I have found that using two esbit/ hexamine fuel tabs is enough to heat my Snow Peak mug enough to have a hot drink on the trail.

The other day I was on a hike with my Stanley thermos and was annoyed by how heavy my pack was. So the next day I substituted the thermos for this little stove and my titanium mug. Best idea ever! Not only did this save a tremendous amount of weight, but it also saved a ton of space!

I keep finding funny uses for this tiny stove and would definitely recommend it to someone who wants a hot drink on the trail.

*side note: I can store four fuel tabs in a pill bottle and stow the stove and a lighter with the bottle along with a couple packets of hot cocoa in my mug.

12 May 2018

Buy one, because its fun.

Bought this as kind of a joke, but I was pleasantly surprised when I boiled a cup of water with wood.
I use it with a stove called the Choke Hazard Turbo from a small US based seller minibulldesign.com. works really well with its size.
I used a candle in it to keep a meal hot one time.
Tip if your using wood, I used a pocket bellows and it got hot enough to get that cool blue burned look from real use.

18 Jun 2017

It does serve its purpose

Great EDC stove. It's micro size best suits the use of esbit tablets in order to produce a better flame output. Can boil water for tea and if used with a small solo sized fry pan, it will cook a small meal. It's going to be my constant companion out in the woods and fishing trips. Well done Bushcraft Essentials. You make good quality and functional products. Will be ordering the LF model next for longer outdoor trips.

11 Mar 2017

Fantastic product for your edc!

A great robust product that should stand years of use and yet is small enough to take with you literally everywhere you go!

7 Jul 2016

A tiny teeny micro stove perfect for ultra compact EDC, robust and ideal for alcohol burners

which case it is even smaller than an Esbit system. Just for warm up purposes, a tea candle fits perfectly.

I tried it with wood a few times (and on my video review on Amazon UK) and then it is not that easy but manageable. It does demand constant attention though for lack of space to fit your combustible material. And yet despite its tiny size, it can hold a whole pan steadily. It is very stable.

You receive it with a nylon pouch which is so small it will fit in a fat wallet indeed. But should you not want to use the pouch there are holes in all the pieces so that you can put them on a cord. It is conceived so as to be usable with a knife that will fit right under it to change its place. The walls of the stove protect your fire from the wind while the decorative holes provide enough oxygen to keep it going. The trivets help you set your pots steadily on it whether on a flat or slope surface.

I'm going to try wood pellets, should work fine.

Definitely a perfect item for a very compact EDC. Now for a long trek and water disinfection purposes, I would choose the XL also from Bushcraft Essentials because it is a lot easier to use.

14 Jun 2016


This is perfect with a choke hazard turbo stove for a quick cup of coffee.

8 Mar 2016

Great for solo trips

Amazing little stove, which is so tiny and light that it really does fit in a wallet. I've tried it with wood, and it will boil water or heat soup, but needs a lot of tending. Pine cones work, if crumbled up, but really it is better with esbit tablets. Candle (tea light) won't really heat anything, but is useful as a light at least

17 Jan 2016

Overall, I am pleased.

Excellent quality product, but slow shipping.
[Comment by Bushcraft Essentials: We ship on the same day or at least on the next working day. But shipping to other countries may take time, depending on country and postal service - it is beyond our control how fast customs and national postal services are.]

9 Jan 2016

Small, beautiful design, but effective too.

Great little stove for a quick coffe and soup/noodles.
I tried it with alcohol - using a simple alu bottle cap reaching to 2/3 the height of the front opening with a small windshield it boiled 0.5 liter water at 12 celsius in a GSI stainless steel pot with a cover in 8.5min,
total burning time being 18 min ! btw the trvets were not used.
I believe a more effective mini alcohol burner could do it even better.
Increasing the stove dim so that the inner space would be cca 6x6cm and a hole for an eventual silicone tube (remote alcohol burner) -where the flame logo is - would be a killer for short trips for two persons.
I have the XL too, but this is something else.

28 Dec 2015

Small stove big buy

what a stove talk about portable

7 Dec 2015

Very light weight, sturdy, compact cooker .

It took a while to arrive but with the distance and time of the Year(Xmas)But the product I am very impressed with, Which could fit your wallet,easy to put together,very sturdy, Ideal for a quick Brew whilst out on trek.

14 Nov 2015

Great product with great service.

Great compact stove. Does exactly what it's supposed to. Would recommend to anyone. Great service too.

28 Sep 2015

Good buy

Good little stove, have just tested it, I go wild camping so this is will a great piece of kit to have so handy it really is, thank you

20 Aug 2015

Great little product

Great little product

21 Jul 2015


Great item. Excellent customer service.

17 Jun 2015

Smaller than you think.

I thought they had sent me a bookmark it was so compact. I put it together easily and there you have a small functioning stove. I am now looking for a suitable cooking utensil and in the spirit of lightness and being compact I think I shall settle on a titanium mug even though it will probably deal with larger pots. I have put 4 stars for use as i haven't used it yet.

15 Jun 2015

Great, just great.

Alas, a truly remarkable micro stove that when dismantled does not take any room, and conveniently packs flat. Better still when in use burns at a high temperature and can use almost any solid fuel.

11 Apr 2015

Compact Stove, its so little, but works a treat!

Arrived really fast and set it up a few times at home before taking it out for a wander in the forest. I used a Dragon Fire solid fuel cube inside a candle tea light holder which fits perfectly. Used about half a cube and half a cup of water to make a hot cup of tea. Came to the boil really quickly. The beauty of it is it fits inside my cup with the fuel cube and lighter. Taking up no space at all! Still to try it with natural burning materials, but very impressed. Next time out I will try cooking on it with my billy can. Go on, get it, as everybody should have one! I love it.

8 Apr 2015

A gimmick?, toy? No it's not.

Is this just a gimmicky toy? Certainly not. Although it's small it's still a fully functioning stove. What you get is a well thought out small stove that can live in your wallet or pocket or can be clipped to your pack or belt. I tried mine out with a 14g Esbit tablet and then some dead wood from my back garden, The Esbit heated 8floz (about 230ml) 0f room temperature water in an old tin cup (no lid) to a boil in just under 7 minutes. The design of the stove allows ample airflow while providing some shielding against the wind which was out of the SW at about 5-7mph the temp was around 45-48f. The stove sat on my patio table open to the breeze and it still performed admirably.

After letting the stove cool down I repeated the test using natural fuels chopped up into small twigs to fit the stove. A PJ cotton ball was my tinder and striking a ferro rod into the stove wasn't the easiest thing but it can be done. Giving the small size of the firebox it will need constant attention, but for the size of the stove it's no big deal. My second water test took longer, about 10-12 minutes only because of the fuel source and the need to keep it stocked up.

This tiny little stove is a real winner keep one in your pack or use the carabiner hole in each part and clip it to your pack. Mine is going in my car emergency kit as living out in the country during winter it is a good idea to have a way to heat water for a hot meal and drink should you get stuck away from home.

P.S. When using natural fuels you might want to use the pliers on your MT to feed wood into the stove. It's better than singed fingers....ouch!

7 Apr 2015

top class

this is one good product 10/10

22 Feb 2015


Fast delivery. Cheaper than other re-sellers in the UK. Awesome quality product.

6 Jan 2015

Very small and enough wood stove

I boiled water of 500ml.
It took time, but water boiled.

I use Japanese chopsticks and throw a wood chip.
could work more comfortably than pliers.

28 Oct 2014

THIS IS NOT A TOY follow up.

My.second EDC 'Box' arrived in super fast time and was just as good quality as my first. It is difficult to write a second review about the same product, but the fact that I ordered a second should speak for itself. Because of their size and efficiency I have been able to dispose of some heavy kit and revert to Titanium pots and lightweight but extremely versatile stoves. For a look at how I have utilised this unit take a look here >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQ9I1g4K1uc <<< My wife's YouTube channel. What more can I add? I have two of these units and when I am working they are both deployed - sometimes together to 'cook' up a main meal ration pack,l and brew, and sometimes singly for the 'regulation' brew of tea. All I will add is A BIG THANK YOU to Detlev for taking the trouble to manufacture and market such an excellent product.

20 Sep 2014

THIS IS NOT A TOY This is a fully functioning stove.

My EDC Box arrived safely in extremely quick time. Thank you Detlev for the superb service and the excellent 'Box'.

I have given it an initial trial since its arrival and have boiled (in total) 2 Ltrs. of water, comprising 4 x 500ml quantities, and heated a standard ration pack main meal in the last boil....all this with the use of less than one whole standard (UK) issue Hexamine block. I would estimate there is enough fuel left to at least make another 'brew'. I broke the 'Hexy' block in half and stacked one half onto the top of the other. This undoubtedly slowed the burn rate but the boil times were, in each case under 8 minutes. I did not extinguish the blocks between uses.

This little beauty will do exactly what I was hoping. I can now 'retire' some of my issue kit and at least be sure of getting hot water and hot food. For the tests I dispensed with my stainless steel Crusader (canteen) mug/cup and used my 'go-to' utensil - an MSR titanium ' Titan Kettle'.

The tests I performed were 'real world in the field' - outside - and I used no windscreen - only utilising some natural cover -, there was a breeze of 8 Kph (5 Mph) from ENE, the ambient temperature was 15*C and local humidity was in excess of 90%.

To say I am impressed is definitely an understatement, so much so that I will be ordering another EDC Box as soon as I return from a very short time away - where the EDC Box it will truly get a very rough and thorough testing.

Many thanks for your ingenious and precision engineered product and your speedy delivery.

Finally I would reiterate my summary comments..,..."THIS IS NOT A TOY. This is a fully functioning stove."

21 Jul 2014

good product

Ideal little stove for emergency camping/bushcraft.

3 Apr 2014

Is it a gadget?

Yes and no. It sure is a gadget and packs very small but it is also functional and will last you a lifetime. We used it with a candle inside and with solid fuel. With a candle it is great to heat up your tent or to keep your drink warm. With the solid fuel it will cook some water for coffee or tea. There are larger holes in the kit to adjust to a small karabiner and pack to your backpack and that is what we will do.

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